The Reach Mobile Difference

To be blunt about it, two words... FEATURES  and EXPERIENCE! Reach Mobile offers more text/SMS marketing features than almost any other SMS company on the face of the planet. Nearly every text/SMS messaging company out there offers you non-graphical (meaning no images) "text only" features, plus they are limited on the amount of volume they can offer you. Reach Mobile on the other hand can offer you nearly unlimited text messaging into the Millions, as well as graphical (with images) and video loaded text messages.

Below are most but not all the features that Reach Mobile offers to its clientele. Click each one to learn more.

Reach Mobile staff have over 100 years of combined off-line (traditional, print, radio, TV media) and on-line (Internet, email, Pay Per Click) marketing experience. Even though we are a technology company, Reach Mobile is a technological marketing company using mobile technology to engage your customers to interact with your brand, to drive foot traffic, to grow sales, while increasing Brand loyalty.

Everything we do is about the marketing angle. Reach Mobile doesn't just set you up with a text marketing package and leave you to your own devices. We support you 100% in using our system as well as consult with you on how to use this technology to your advantage. Using text message marketing is one thing, but knowing how to do it right... is another. We don't want you trying to make it work and not knowing the best practices, or trying to be successful with a hit & miss method. Most mobile marketing company's tell you to text daily! We don't! When it comes to your mobile list, if you abuse them, you'll lose them. And once you lost someone from your mobile list, they never come back!

We here at Reach Mobile will give you the strategies to go along with the mobile technology. You're not left to figure it out on your own. Our belief is that a successful client is a happy client, a happy client makes for a long term client. We don't want you here today, gone tomorrow.

We want your success as much as you do, and we want your relationship with Reach Mobile to continually grow so that you are still a Reach Mobile client five or ten years from now.