Send Instant Sales Pitches Or Follow Up Information Using Mobile Auto Responders

An Auto Responder Campaign allows you to send "instant" or "drip" mobile marketing messages or "timed messages" that can range from reminders, coupons, or simple DID YOU KNOW messages to those who opt in to that mobile campaign.

Auto Responders

Build a scheduled release of materials to customers in your opt-in list. Auto-responders add in the possibility of producing timed campaigns that routinely galvanize customers with evenly spaced increments of offers and text updates.

Create a Special “Drip” for Customers

From the day that the user opts in, their auto-response messages will come in the same lengths of time that any other user who has opted in. This creates an organized flow or “drip” of information. The drip could be an exercise program, daily tips or advice, anything you want!

autoresp Auto Responders

Message Intervals

Fix the individual messages/coupons to be sent by number of days after the first message, or within a certain number of days after any other message you have scheduled. For instance, a user gets a coupon to a gourmet food store 4 days from the day that they opt in, and three days from the day the coupon was sent they receive a schedule for cooking classes and instructions on how to sign up!