Using Tablets As Kiosks To Super-Charge Your SMS Marketing Opt-In Rates

Set up an 8 inch Mobile Tablet at your retail location as a Kiosk and watch you opt-in rates explode! Generally Kiosks become the center of attention and take all the guess work out of the opt-in process and can help reach a wider audience.


Kiosk’s are attractive to customers, and can help you reach a wider audience. They have been known to receive as much as 5 times the number of customer opt-ins when compared to just a simple text campaign. Tablets have dramatically taken over the technology market since 2010, and businesses that utilize them appeal to more customers.  Harness the power of simple technology with our new kiosk feature from right inside your account!

Example of use:

-Place a kiosk in your ice cream parlor to allow customers to quickly opt in to your business list.

-Add points to your loyalty program.

Great advantages to using kiosks.

Great for self-service. People like to do things themselves, giving them the ability to punch their own loyalty card or to opt in to receive coupons and offers from your business allows you to engage with your customers without the need to increase the time of each transaction.

Kiosks have a larger market reach. Your tablet is designed to operate 24 hours a day. Combine this with putting your kiosk in a public place, and you have a much bigger market reach for your clients and prospects.