Landing Pages With Your Sales Pitch, Your Logo, Graphics, Videos & More

Use landing pages to make your sales pitch. A well crafted landing pages almost always sport better conversion rates than just going to your websites front page.

Landing Pages

Effortlessly design professional web pages adapted to the mobile phone! Use our builder to upload your logo, graphics, videos and more. Then simply add text, links and our ad build will format the layout for you.

Create Lead Capture Pages

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Add in Text

Type in up to 1024 characters per text box. Specify font, color, alignment, size, bold, and/or italic. Choose between fonts Arial, Courier, Georgia, Helvetica, Impact, Lucida Sans, Times New Roman, and Verdana, as well as 19 different colors!

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Throw in images with a maximum resolution of 220 x 500 pixels in jpg, png, bmp, or gif format. Put pictures of yourself up as part of a mobile business card! Include property shots for a real estate listing, a miniature flyer promoting a club event, the possibilities are endless!

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Links & E-mail Address

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Spur viewers to visit other online resources or to make contact with you–embed hyperlinks to websites or emails. The Mobile Web Page feature is a solid, versatility tool to build curiosity, advertise, obtain contacts and new business leads!