Mobiles Devices Are Changing The Way Businesses Interact With Customers

50% of surveyed report receiving text messages from retailers and purchasing as a result. That’s why almost 70 million mobile coupons worth $2.4 billion are expected to be redeemed in 2013, up from only 200,000 coupons in 2009.

Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons receive higher redemption rates than that of print coupons. The redemption rate of a mobile coupon is up to 15% compared to traditional printed coupons with redemption rates of 1% or less.

Study after study, statistics are showing that Mobile ads perform 4-5 times better than online (Internet) ads in key metrics such as brand favorability, awareness, and purchase intent.

Our unique couponing wizard provides a graphical WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) interface with a built-in redemption feature which includes automated barcode creation, promotion code development, and more. Choose our WAP feature, use a simple and effective sms, or both. Choose the options that are right for you and your business.

Design Made Easy

When you design a coupon, you can choose between using a template which we’ve generated for your convenience, an image of your own, or a simple SMS containing only text. With our template feature, we have a stockpile of images to use to help identify your product and add decor.

DesignMadeEasy Mobile Coupons


Choose your Discount Type

What kind of discount do you want to offer? Dollar amount off? Percentage? Free? Give your customers a good deal, and you’ll be swimming in business.

discount1 Mobile Coupons

Barcodes For Quick Processing

You can use barcodes to track the use of your coupon! Scan the code from a phone upon redemption, and the point of sale system will recognize it and apply the appropriate deduction. If you don’t use barcodes, you can use a promotional code instead.

barcodes Mobile Coupons

Add in Your Address and Terms&Conditions

The rest of the message covers the fine print. Specify your terms and conditions. How long are you running this great offer? Where are you located and what’s your phone number?

terms1 Mobile Coupons

Many Locations? No Problem.

Branch codes allow the business with different locations to keep track of each one separately.  Enable this feature and customers will be instructed to enter a branch code in order to redeem the coupon.  You can view the coupon’s redemption by each location. This feature assists in informing which of a business’ locales needs to attract more users to your opt-in list.

Personalization & Branding

If you have uploaded personal information associated with the phone numbers, you can use merge tags to personalize the message and add brand value to the coupon. Create a comfortable rapport with your customers, let them know you know who they are! This familiar approach gives peace of mind to your customer when choosing your business over a competitor.