SMS Laws & The FCC

Mobile phones are a highly regulated industry, and right along with them SMS and text messaging is as well. Early in the history of being able to send text messages, company's have been taking advantage of sending texts as spam to as many cell phone users as possible, giving a bad name to legitimate SMS marketing company's. This practice of cell phone spam has caused the FCC and other regulating agencies to come down hard on company's that send marketing messages via SMS and text, thus becoming highly regulated industry

Unlike email, texts are a lot easier to be tracked, especially if they come from a Short Code. Short Codes come from the CSCA, (Common Short Code Administration) and are assigned to an individual or a company and any text that is sent from that short code can be traced back to the person/company leasing that number. For those that violate FCC regulations the fines are swift and stiff.

Reach Mobile: Practices & Policies

Reach Mobile adheres to the industry's best practices. We do not under any circumstance allow any client to spam or to even upload a list of mobile numbers without going through a strict screening process and investigation as to where and how the mobile numbers were acquired. Reach Mobile will cancel the account of any client upon the first offense of any violation, and will further pursue legal action for damages that results from those violations, and furthermore, Reach Mobile will also report said client to the Attorney General for the State of California, the Attorney General of the state for which the clients company resides, and to the Attorney General of the United States of America. Reach Mobile will strictly enforce the FCC regulations and guidelines to protect itself and to maintain a good standing within the community, the state of California, and all federal regulating bodies.