What Are Keywords

Use Mobile Keywords to Drive Targeted Traffic to Specific Online or Offline Promotions

A mobile keyword is a word that you use in relation to a specific campaign. Let's say the name of your restaurant is Don's Restaurant. So you might use a keyword like Don which might be linked to a specific mobile promotion.

Let's say you're going to have a special 2 for 1 dinner promotion this coming weekend. You might create a keyword "Don 2 for 1". What the end user will do is send a text to a shortcode like 12345, and that keyword would be "Don2for1". This is how it would look, text "Don2for1 to 12345". The user gets a message or a coupon back, or maybe a link to a website or to some type of marketing collateral. This encopurages your customer to come in over the weekend, present the coupon, and enjoy a 2 for 1 dinner at your restarunat.

So a keyword really is just like a keyword that you use on Google or Yahoo except it's tied to a specific mobile promotion that you created. Even better you can have multiple keywords. You can have a keyword called pizza, or a keyword called Pete's pizza, or  Don's pizza or pizza on the go. You may be a tax preparation person, you might have "tax prep" text "tax prep to 12345". 

Your keyword will lead your customer to receive whatever you prepared, whether a coupon, a questionnaire, a pole, or a website. If needed it could even be a video that you sent back to them requesting them to take additional action.

A keyword can also be your "Brand" name. Text "Kmart to 12345". These are just some example of what mobile keywords are and how to use them.