Casinos can plug into SMS Marketing and reap a huge return on their investment. Casinos have so many opportunities to create touch-points with current and perspective customers.

Some applicable examples:
  1. In all your advertisements, add a simple line of text (Text the word Casino to 12345) to give viewers a virtual tour of your resort/casino along with a coupon and some kind of comp to capture new customers.
  2. Create a mobile “Check In”, so when a customer does check in for a weekend, they immediately receive a calendar of events, a coupon for $100.00 of free playing chips, or a free dinner comp, or anything else that you promised in you current promotion, as well as any other pertinent info during their stay.
  3. As your mobile list(s) grows, contact the list once a month with special offers and notifications on who's appearing in your showroom(s).
  4. Create a mobile Rewards/Loyalty program for your loyal customers to accrue rewards for each time they visit and let them track their points/rewards via the mobile phone.
  5. Here is a great way of driving repeat business. Send out a Birthday Wishes text/offer for a free weekend with a coupon that allows the recipient to get an additional 3-6 rooms at 50% off for the rest of the attending party.
  6. Launch the Ultimate Gambling Vacation sweepstakes to build a mobile list quickly and announce the winner via text.
The possibilities are almost limitless with what you can do. And, unlike other SMS/Text Marketing company’s that only offer simple text, we can send millions of texts, coupons, video etc. in just minutes. Our “short code” (Mobile Number) has been approved by all 46 wireless carriers in the United States, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, and Virgin Mobile.