Mobile Marketing For Restaurants

If you own a restaurant , you know your competition is fierce. Any edge you can gain over your competitors to build your customer base is crucial. Mobile marketing is proven to be successful and cost-effective to increase store traffic and profits, and the cost is only pennies on the dollar compared to traditional methods of marketing.

Restaurants are probably one of the best businesses that can utilize mobile marketing (also or better known as SMS or Text Message marketing). Restaurant owners can promote their VIP club by putting table tents on every table throughout the restaurant as well as putting up flyers in the windows and the on walls of their establishment.

All internal and external promotions as well as marketing materials & social media should also include the use of your QR Codes and your “Mobile Keywords” that is sent to your “Shortcodes”. Ex. Text the word "PIZZA to 12345."

Once customers opt-in to your mobile list, you can then send them bi-weekly Mobile Coupons or reminders of upcoming events.

Will This Work & UIs It Profitable?

Want to see how profitable your SMS/Text Message Marketing campaign could be? Check out our SMS Return On Investment Calculator.

As a restaurateur you won’t want to stop there. Once you have established your mobile marketing campaign, you’ll also want to have your customers join your "mobile punch card" or Mobile Rewards Program, which means, every time they visit your restaurant, they earn additional dollars or points and when they reach a certain point level or dollar amount, they get a free meal or a $25 dollar off coupon or whatever scenario that you set up. Text Message or mobile marketing is perfect for driving recurring business and new foot traffic to your restaurant.

Interact With You Customers For Even Bigger Profits

As your mobile list grows you can then spice things up a little with our “Text To Win” feature. Let’s take the slowest day of the week for example and let’s say that it’s Wednesday. You announce to your list and on your social media that one party that comes to eat at your establishment will win their meal for free. Do this once a month or every quarter and you will become the hottest place to eat on that night.

The redemption rate of mobile coupons is huge and range between 15% - 30% compared to traditional printed coupons with redemption rates of 1% or less.

Let’s look at the math with a simple example.

A typical meal sells for $24.95, You have a list of 1,000 customers, and you send them a $5.00 off coupon.

15% of 1,000 is 150 customers. 150 customers x $19.95 = a gross revenue of $2,992.50. Almost 9 times your cost!

Wash, Rinse, Repeat!

Need Other Promotional Idea's?

If you have certain days/nights that are slow and people aren't walking through the doors, try impletenting some of these ideas with your mobile campaign:

    • 2-for-1 specials
    • Discounts (20% off your next purchase)
    • Free stuff (get a free appetizer with your next purchase)
    • Important announcements
    • Promote special offers & VIP programs
    • Send a text promoting a new menu item or a special event being held at your venue.
    • Text a lunch special at 10AM and see a huge increase in sales come lunch time.

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

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