Recruiters And Staffing Firms Can Now Go Where No Email Could Ever Go And Increase Response Times By Seconds.

93% mobile users read their texts within 3 minutes, while email is read within hours. With Reach Mobile, recruiters and staffing agencies can now tap the job search market as a way to not only fill new positions, but to capture new recruits by posting Short Codes with Keywords on all existing and new job postings.

Mobile can also be used to notify existing candidates or contractors of new vacant positions needing to be filled. The process is simple. Here is an common recurring example:

Let's say you have a either a permanent or a short term placement that needs to be filled for a secretarial position. You have a mobile list of several hundred people that could fill that vacancy. You simply craft a text message announcement letting them know this position is open, send the text, and those that are available, respond. Those that are eager to fill the position will literally reply within seconds.

On the flip side recruiters can use mobile as a marketing platform to gain new recruits and build bigger marketing lists. Just post the job description as you would normally, but now you also include either a QR Code or one little line of text that states: "Text secretary to 12354", and available candidates that are interested will reply for more info. You get their their mobile number plus any other information that you choose to capture such as name and email.

Now that you've captured a new lead, you can market new openings/contracts to these candidates in the future as they come along. Plus if they are not already a candidate with your firm you can now follow up and touch bases with them directly.

Create Multiple Marketing Lists For Various Career Types

Set up various mobile lists like C++ Programmer, Secretary, Accountant, etc. on your website and have current candidates add themselves or you add them with their permission, and notify them as needed.